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This section is full of cheeky and geeky valentines cards, wrapping paper, personalised prints, and small token valentines gifts. Our valentines cards are funny and sometimes a little bit rude... no sentimental mushy-ness here.

Personalised Prints for Valentines Day: we've included our personalised sound wave prints here so you can send us an "I love you" recording in your own voice, or even send us your song. We can also engrave your sound waves onto keyrings, plectrums and tiny wooden tokens that fit inside a locket.

Personalised moon phases: You tell us your special date and where you were at the time and we will look up the moon phase from that night. We can create a personalised moon phase print with all the details of your special occasion, or (and this is our favourite) we can send you the moon phase as an enamel pin - the lighter part of the moon glows in the dark!!