Personalised Sound Wave Prints

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Personalised sound wave prints by Newton and the Apple. We turn your special sounds into works of art for a special gift or something for your own walls.

Voice: We can use your own voice, which is unique to you due to the length and shape of your vocal chords. This can be spoken words or any other sound you might make, such as a laugh or your best singing voice.

Music: We have also used favourite songs such the first dance at a wedding song, and we can even cut the music down to your favourite clip if you'd prefer. Acoustic music tends to look best in sound wave form.

Other sounds: We have used heart beart recordings from ultrasound sessions, pet sounds, the vroom of a car engine, voicemail messages... any sound you can think of, we can turn it into a detailed sound wave image to be presented in your chosen colours with text underneath (or not, if you want to keep the sound a secret).