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Albert Einstein Soft Enamel Pin

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Albert Einstein Enamel Pin

We have illustrated the famous Albert Einstein, known for his Theory of Relativity, and turned him into an enamel pin badge so you can wear him day to day and hope his scientific genius wears off. His monochromatic face is just as we see him in all the old black and white photos.

The pin comes on a beautifully illustrated dark blue backing card, which folds out like a little book. It shows Einstein's signature on the front and the inside has our drawings of Einstein type things, such as his famous E=MC2 equation.

This pin is part of our collection of famous scientist pins, which includes Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Marie Curie, and Isaac Newton.

MADE FROM: The pins are made with metal and the designs are infilled with soft enamel. The back of the pin is black and has a black rubber fastener.

DIMENSIONS: Darwin is 30mm tall from the top of his head to the bottom of his beard.