Gifts for the coolest of small people

Ever since the announcement that I was going to have a nephew, I have been that crazy aunty who goes nuts at Christmas and birthdays. Before he was even born, Jack was the owner of a 3D solar system that lit up and had all the planets properly orbiting around a glowing sun. 

Every year I challenge myself to find something unexpected; a gift that will inspire him to grow into a cool and interesting person. He is doing a pretty good job of that so far and my sister gets the credit there, but I like to think I played a small part in that brainy little head of his.

Surprising him with an interesting gift that he will genuinely love gets more difficult every year though. The older he gets, the more his Christmas wish-list fills with computer games and other such boring stuff that I refuse to get so I have to think of something else. Last year I encouraged the family to each get him an interesting rock, which he loved (Phew!), and which has since set him off on a more serious geology collection. This year I am going down the instrument route for his main present with a nice harmonica and a book to learn from (sorry sis!).

It is only October but as a small business owner it feels like Santa is nearly here already. So, in the spirit of all things gifty, I decided I would scour the small business world to show you a selection of wonderful presents for the very coolest of small people.

For the naughty little twilight book worm... "I Read Past My Bedtime" print from Bookishly. 

Team Bookishly paired up with Laura at Clara and Macy to create this uber-stylish monochrome print... because sleep is overrated when there are so many books filled with so many adventures.

'I Read Past My Bedtime' Print by Bookishly, collaborating with Clara and Macy

For the anti-muggle wizard or witch... Personalised wand by Auntie Mims.

Not really just for small people because who wouldn't want a magic wand? Every single wand made at Auntie Mims is unique in shape as they are hand-turned on a lathe in your chosen wood; my favourite is the purple heart. The gift box alone will make your eyes pop (metaphorically, not magically, speaking).

Jack has one of these in a red wood with the latin for 'red wolf' engraved on the side (his almost-favourite animal, second only to the purple panda, both of which he completely made up).

Personalised Wand by Auntie Mims

For the young Indiana Jones... Outdoor Adventure Ideas Jar by Clara and Macy.

Too often I find Jack sitting on his bum and moaning "I'm bored" when he could be doing any number of awesome things with all that wonderful free time he has. I'm sure he isn't the only child with the boredom woes so I love this idea from Clara and Macy. The jar is filled with tokens to inspire adventures outdoors... no sofa, no TV, no computer... just the outside, with the leaves and the wind and all the wonder of the wilderness.

Personalised Daddy's Outdoor Adventures Ideas Jar

For the wanna-be space explorer... Personalised Astronomical Adventure Kit by Luna Studio Designs.

It's no secret that we love the stars and all things spacey at NATA. This kit has everything you need to build your very own telescope... like a modern-day Galileo.

 Personalised Astronomical Adventure Kit by Luna Studio Designs

For the courageous kid who can and will... The 'Mighty Collection' from We Are Scamp.

I love this range and the whole idea behind it: positive messages in glowing neon to be worn with pride by boys and girls going out into the world feeling brave, courageous, smart and strong. They can and will do great things.