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This is a Voice... harmonising with the Wellcome Collection

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The Wellcome Collection

So here is some exciting news that I have busting to share with you all for a while but I had to wait for it be official and on the walls. 

We were so pleased a few months back when the Wellcome Collection wanted to stock our products in their gift shop. Proclaiming itself to be the "destination for the incurably curious" it felt like the perfect place for our creations and helped us do a big tick on the bucket list by having our products in the gift shop of a really interesting museum.

They currently have an exhibition running called 'This is a Voice', which looks inside vocal tracts, restless minds and speech devices to capture the elusive nature of the human voice. Recognising our Personalised Sound Wave Prints as a great fit for this, they asked if they could make these available in-store. Of course we jumped in for the opportunity and our prints are now up on the walls for customers to purchase in-store and have us create the artwork to send directly to their home address. 

We are really proud of this harmonious pairing (pun intended) and can't wait to pop down to see the exhibition ourselves.

Our sound waves in-store...

This is a Voice Sound Wave Prints

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