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Geology rocks

I mentioned in the last blog post that we had started a new tradition in our family of buying rocks as presents for my young nephew, Jack. This idea worked brilliantly; he is now super enthusiastic about rocks and it makes present-buying at Christmas pretty easy really (and fun). His first rock was…

Gifts for the coolest of small people

Ever since the announcement that I was going to have a nephew, I have been that crazy aunty who goes nuts at Christmas and birthdays. Before he was even born, Jack was the owner of a 3D solar system that lit up and had all the planets properly orbiting around a glowing sun.  Every year I c…

This is a Voice... harmonising with the Wellcome Collection

So here is some exciting news that I have busting to share with you all for a while but I had to wait for it be official and on the walls. We were so pleased a few months back when the Wellcome Collection wanted to stock our products in their gift shop. Proclaiming itself to be the "destin…
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